Monday June 17, 2024


Item number: 89006

Status: sold out!

Scale: 1/72

About the model:
* new EXCLUSIVE series from Panzerstahl
* true to scale model made from resin for highest detail
* movable turret
* including turned metal barrel
* fully assembled
* accurate painted and marked
* collectors card included
* including protective case for display
* package comes with open window display
* only 750pcs. limited production!

The IS-7 was a prototype design tank which was started in 1946 by the Soviet Union. All in all 3 prototype were built and tested. In 1948 it had reached a weight of 68 tons while being armored with 220 to 300m thick plates. The armament consists of a 130mm cannon adapted from a naval gun with a 7.02m long barrel. Additionally 8 MGs were installed and Slostin MG as anti aircraft MG.
The IS-7 had very innovative design and featured new technologies like an automated loader, IR sight and cannon stabilizer. Anyhow this tank never went into series production.

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